Safia Minney, founder and CEO of People Treee, has a new campaign on Kickstarter raising funds for a book titled ‘Slave To Fashion’. Safia has also written two other books, Naked Fashion and her latest Slow Fashion. She is a well known person in the fair trade clothing industry and an advocate for garmet workers. So why help support her latest venture? Her are 3 awesome reasons:

1. Support an Awesome Cause

“Who makes my clothes?” is the question Safia Minney wants us all to ask. The harsh treatment of garment workers overseas is not a well know issue. Safia’s Kickstarter campain has a goal to fix that. The book and campign want to expose the reality of modern day slavery in the fashion industry with stories and facts. Not only does it aim to spread awareness but she also claims to offer specific actions people and business can take to reverse such atrocities. 

2. Safia is Awesome

She actually started her UK fair trade clothing business, People Tree, in Japan. Awesome. She has a love for people and has built her company around fairness, transparency and quality clothing. She has won numerous awards including, Top 5 Ethical Retailers in UK, Eco Warrior Award, and Cosmopolitan Best Ethical E-tailed Award. Lots more awesome. 

3. Awesome Rewards

If you pledge towards the campaign, not only do you get to help promote awareness, but if you pledge over a certain amount, they give you stuff! Awesome stuff. Rewards include a copy of the book, 100% organic cotton top, name printed in the book as a supporter, and even an invite to attend the Slave To Fashion success party with Safia herself. 

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, check it out using this LINK or watch the video below and tell me what you think!